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05/03/2016++Will I be able to still see my same doctors?

Yes, you will be able to see your same doctors, if he or she is in the Trusted Network.

++Can I go to the same pharmacy I always used?

Yes, you may still use your same pharmacy as long as they are a Meridian pharmacy.

++Will I get a new card in the mail from Trusted?

 A new card will be mailed out to you with your PCP on it, within 7-10-days after enrollment.

++If I lose my id card how do I get a new one?

 Call Member Services at 202-821-1100 to request a new one, it will be to you in 7-10 business days.

++How can I get transportation to and from my appointments?

DC Healthy Family Medicaid members may call MTM at 855-824-5693 3 days before your appointment to get transportation.

++What if I want to change my doctor?

 You need to call Member Services at 202-821-1100 so they can help you with getting a new PCP.

TRUSTED Health Plan (THP)

Your Local Washington D.C.
Managed Care Organization (MCO)

Call Member Services

(202) 821-1100

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